Successful National Park Management

Biotopschutzwald als Meilenstein

WaldwildnisDarf man den Wald sich selbst überlassen? Holzertrag ist nicht das Ziel des Nationalparks Gesäuse, vielmehr das Zulassen der freien natürlichen Entwicklung. Daher braucht es auch keine waldbaulichen Eingriffe. Seit 2018 darf sich im Nationalpark Gesäuse eine Waldwildnis entwickeln. Für den Naturschutz im Gesäuse ist das ein echter Meilenstein!

Lead-free game management

Moderne Kupfergeschosse belasten die Umwelt nichtThe lead bullets used in many hunting rifles has proved a problem in the past. Birds of prey often feed on game entrails left in the forest and may suffer lead poisoning as a consequence; the strictly protected golden eagle was seriously affected by lead ammunition in the past.

Restauration of water bodies

JohnsbachIn the past, many rivers and streams were confined to narrow beds and increasingly massive flood control structures were built to reduce the danger of flooding. A re-assessment of this policy has taken place in recent years and today rivers and streams are given more room as we increasingly realise that they fulfil many valuable functions in the ecosystem.

Alpine Pasture Management

Almforschung im SulzkarThe farmers in the Gesäuse National Park make an essential contribution to preserving alpine pastures. Nationalpark GmbH launched the Sulzkaralm pilot project in 2003 to ensure efficient and sustainable grazing practices. Interdisciplinary research led by the National Park's nature conservation experts provided the basis for the development of a pasture management plan.