Game in the National Park

Naturschutzorientiertes Management im Nationalpark.The National Park is subject to the Styrian Hunting Act (1986 as amended). The term "game" includes all animals specified in the Hunting Act. This does not mean, however, that these animals are hunted on a regular basis. A special focus in game management is placed on the protection of natural processes.

Hoofed Game

The following cloven hoofed animals can be found in the National Park:

  • Red deer
  • Roe deer
  • Chamois
  • Mouflon
  • Ibex
  • Wild boar

The common species of red deer, roe deer and chamois (sporadically also mouflon and wild boar) are controlled as part of game management in compliance with the legal provisions and animal protection guidelines. For more details see the Game Management Plan "Managementplan Schalenwild" (in German).

Fured game

The species of hare, mountain hare, marmot, red fox and mustelids occurring in the National Park need not be managed or controlled, and are therefore not subject to hunting. Special attention, however, is placed on the populations of otter, marmot and mountain hare to be able to detect any negative developments at an early stage.

Game birds

Game birds are also not subject to hunting. Ducks, birds of prey, owls and other bird species are protected by the EU Bird Protection Directive and are only monitored in terms of population development. Special focus is placed on grouse (capercaillie, black grouse, rock ptarmigan, hazel grouse) as these species are extremely sensitive to disturbance. Targeted visitor management schemes have been developed to protect the populations of grouse in the Gesäuse National Park.