Mountain Pasture Management

Managementplan AlmGoals

The mountain pastures of the Gesäuse National Park are located in the Conservation Area, where alpine farming is permitted in compliance with the protection goals.

The prime aim of the management plan is to maintain the natural resources and biodiversity through ecological management and traditional grazing practices. This involves a combination of modern alpine pasture farming and environmentally compliant management.

The alpine pasture management plan also takes the requirements of the local population into account – including the sustainable use of existing resources – provided that this does not adversely affect other management goals.

Legal Basis

Arbeiten auf der AlmAlpine pastures are included in the National Park (Gesäuse National Park Act, Federal Law Gazette LGBl. No. 61/2002) on the basis of contractual nature protection. Alpine pastures can be included in the Conservation Area of the National Park at the request of the land owner and with the consent of the holder of the relevant rights in order to preserve and protect the cultural landscape through sustainable management.

The Gesäuse National Park is governed by the nationally applicable agricultural regulations. Alpine pasture farming is also subject to the provisions of the EU Regulation on Organic Production and the EU Agri-Environment Regulation.

Mountain Pasture Management Plan

The management plan describes the alpine pastures included in the Gesäuse National Park, identifies the site criteria and objects worthy of protection and defines a catalogue of relevant measures and management practices.