Monitoring Plan 2017-2032

monitoringThe monitoring plan 2017-2032 of the National Park Gesäuse recapitulates the park´s monitoring programs of the last 15 years and describes their planned continuation in the next 15 years. The first part deals with the initial situation and illustrates the overall conditions. Furthermore, the strategic purpose of the monitoring plan is explained in more detail. At the same time, the significance of monitoring in combination with national park management plans is expressed, and the respective monitoring methods applied are explained in the light of the park´s objectives. Concrete examples are given to illustrate the matter and occasional lacks are pointed out. A short outline of the various monitoring levels concludes with answering the important question of how to govern and document the flow of incoming data. The paper closes with depicting the implementation of the monitoring plan following a specific time and cost schedule, and explores the possibilities of how to exploit the full potential of its results.