Management of water bodies

Gewässermanagement im Nationalpark

The limnological concept concentrates on the limnology, biological and ecological structure and function of the Enns and Johnsbach rivers, while also taking into account the habitats along the rivers and the relevant species subject to protection. The concept also suggests targeted measures to achieve the National Park's aim of ensuring natural flow dynamics and protecting endangered species.

Enns Guideline

Blick ins EnnstalThe Enns Guideline is conceived as a central planning basis for the development of the riparian landscape along the River Enns between the Salzburg border near Mandling and Hieflau. It provides an interdisciplinary overview of data on the current status of the landscape and legal fundamentals for specific thematic areas: aquatic habitats / fish ecology, riparian landscape / biotope networks, protective water management, settlement development and tourism / leisure / recreation.

Species protection project: German Tamarisk

Tamarisken sind an der Enns beinahe ausgestorben.The German tamarisk (Myricaria germanica) is a pioneer shrub on gravel and sandbanks along fast-flowing rivers and mountain streams.

It deserves special attention, being almost extinct in Styria and endangered throughout Europe. The disappearance of this inconspicuous but at closer quarters most charming plant with its small pink flowers is due to the extensive training of the rivers of Europe. The last sizeable stands in Austria are to be found, for example along the River Lech and also the Kalserbach in Carinthia. The German tamarisk has also disappeared from the Gesäuse.