Management Nationalpark Gesäuse

One of the priorities of a National Park is to protect the integrity of its natural environment and its fauna and flora – in the interests of today's generation and the generations to come.

Thus the responsibilities that go with managing the natural environment in the Gesäuse National Park are clearly defined: to protect natural ecosystems, to preserve biodiversity and, consequently, to facilitate and guarantee natural development, to the greatest possible extent.

The protection of species does not only apply to the present population. Biodiversity protection projects also give a home to species that have disappeared or become locally extinct. The very basis of the protection of biodiversity and biotopes is to secure the natural cycles and the dynamics of the ecosystem.

The area of the National Park is made up of two zones, the Natural Area and the Conservation Area.

In the Natural Area special emphasis is placed on the protection of the natural environment. The long-term aim is to allow the processes of nature to run their course without any human interference – in short to leave nature alone.

The Conservation Area, on the other hand, serves to preserve the cultural landscape. As, for example, the National Park's alpine pastures show, this contributes greatly not only to a diversified landscape but also to biodiversity. The positive interaction between nature and farming, and between mankind and environment, should be highlighted here. In this zone people looking for recreational opportunities should be assisted towards the twin goals of gaining experience of nature and getting to know nature.

Over the past few years, a range of management plans have been developed to achieve this goal in the following areas:

The small and large successes in nature and species conservation achieved over the past few years demonstrate the effectiveness of the management measures taken in accordance with the latest state-of-the-art in environmental management.